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Silicone Products Used to Create Medical Bracelets

The importance of a medical bracelet can be the difference between life and death for some people. If you or someone in your family has a medical issue that requires specific attention, not wearing a medical bracelet could be life-threatening. Also, if you have certain allergies, whether it is food allergies or medicine allergies, it’s important that you have that information available in the event that something should happen to you and you are unable to tell the medical personnel that have arrived about your allergies. The best way you can go about doing this is by investing in a silicone rubber bracelet that you can wear around your wrist all the time.

Silicone rubber bracelets are extremely durable, comfortable to wear, and are extremely affordable. If you have never seen them before, you can customise them however you need. They include information regarding your age, your diagnosis, your allergies, as well as other important information that may help medical personnel in the event that you are involved in an accident or have some other event in your life where you or someone that knows about your condition will be able to speak on your behalf. At United Silicones we can create silicone rubber bracelets for a variety of different needs, all 100% silicone, and they can be used for a variety of other needs outside of the medical field as well. They are extremely durable and will last for a very long time and can be created in a variety of different vibrant colours. Contact us today to find out more information about silicone rubber bracelets.

Silicone usage in automotive industry

Automotive spark plug wires are insulated by multiple layers of silicone to prevent sparks from jumping to adjacent wires, causing misfires. Silicone tubing is sometimes used in automotive intake systems (especially for engines with forced induction).

Sheet silicone is used to manufacture gaskets used in automotive engines, transmissions, and other applications.

Automotive body manufacturing plants and paint shops avoid silicones, as they may cause “fish eyes”, small, circular craters in the finish.

Additionally, silicone compounds such as silicone rubber are used as coatings and sealants for airbags; the high strength of silicone rubber makes it an optimal adhesive/sealant for high impact airbags. Recent technological advancements allow convenient use of silicone in combination with thermoplastics to provide improvements in scratch and mar resistance and lowered coefficient of friction.

Silicone rubber Mold Making

Two-part silicone systems are used to create rubber molds used to cast resins, foams, rubber, and low-temperature alloys. A silicone mold generally requires little or no mold-release or surface preparation, as most materials do not adhere to silicone. For experimental uses, ordinary one-part silicone can be used to make molds or to mold into shapes. If needed, common vegetable cooking oils or petroleum jelly can be used on mating surfaces as a mold-release agent.

Silicone Mold
Cooking molds used as bakeware do not require coating with cooking oil, allowing the baked food to be more easily removed from the mold after cooking.


EziSil Flexible Waterproof Sealing Strip

The EziSil is a new and innovative sealing strip designed for indoor plumbing applications that gives the user confidence of a non-leaking lasting seal. The EziSil creates a watertight seal between the shower tray, bath or worktop by transforming in to a tiling up-stand option. The EziSil is simply stuck to the tray, bath or worktop and then the tiles are placed on top of the strip creating a lasting seal that is hidden from view.

The EziSil is a product for plumbing professionals or bathroom fitters and even DIY enthusiasts of any level as it’s easy to install and comes complete as a kit ready to install straight from the box. The flexibility of the EziSil makes it ideal for almost any project including new builds, repair or renovation work. Manufactured from a strong waterproof WRAS approved silicone rubber strip and a extra strong adhesive strip, you can be sure of it’s lasting quality.

The strip comes in two standard lengths, 2.8mtrs & 3.5mtrs, but custom orders are welcome for any length. By purchasing direct from us the manufacturer you are assured of the quality and reliability of the EziSil seal. Contact United Silicones

Technology and Silicone: Advancing Our World through Silicone

Technology is constantly changing the world we live in. Whether it’s through entertainment, communication, or medicine, the advances we enjoy in technology would not be made possible without the use of silicone. Silicone products are used in a variety of different types of entertainment and communication gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, Blu-Ray players, flat-panel televisions, desktop computers and laptop computers, just to mention a few. When it comes to the medical industry, the use of silicone is widespread as it provides a variety of uses for life-saving medical devices and other aspects of the medical industry.

At United Silicones we are best known for manufacturing a variety of different types of silicone products for all these industries. Our products are always manufactured to meet the specific details of each product ensuring that its function will never be compromised and the silicone used within the product will be able to last for as long as the product itself, if not longer. For more information about how we can create silicone products for a variety of different applications in the technology world, contact us today. We can be reached by email at sales@united-silicones.comor by telephone on +44 (0) 1252 375013.

Silicone Products Used in the Dairy Industry

The demand for silicone rubber tubing has grown rapidly over the past several years in the dairy industry. Higher standards and improved quality have seen silicone rubber products replace older, out-dated products used in the industry. Silicone is the ideal material used for dairy tubing as it offers the highest hygiene performance, it’s extremely durable, and it’s also extremely flexible.

Hygiene – This is probably the most important aspect of silicone tubing used in the dairy industry. Silicone has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as being safe to use in a variety of different food industries including the dairy industry. Silicone tubing has been shown to help reduce the risk of bacteria build up leading healthier dairy products for human consumption.

Flexibility – Silicone tubing for the dairy industry is extremely flexible in a wide temperature range which helps to make sure that the tubing will not expand during the heat of the summer months or crack up during the cold of the winter months.

Durability – Silicone tubing for the dairy industry is specially crafted to ensure that it will last for a very long time even though it’s designed to be used several times a day. If the wear and tear of the dairy industry doesn’t have any negative effects on silicone what do you think it would mean for other industries considering switching to silicone tubing? Contact us today to find out more information about silicone tubing and how it can be of great benefit for your specific industry.

How Long Should Silicone Sealant Last Around Your Home

Silicone is an extremely durable, long-lasting product which is why there are many products available on the market today that use silicone based products to help keep things around your home safe and secure. This includes silicone sealant products which you will find used in virtually every room of your house, including sealing your windows and around your shower walls and bathtubs. However, over time you may find it necessary to apply silicone sealantsaround your home again. The period of time that silicone sealants products will last depends on a variety of factors including the environment in which it’s being used, weather conditions, and whether it was properly applied in the first place.

Most silicone sealant products will last a minimum of 20 years, but you may want to begin checking your windows and in your bathroom sooner to ensure there are no gaps anywhere. When checking the silicone sealants around your home, first look at the condition of the silicone product. If you find gaps or areas that are beginning to peel back or break loose it may be time for you to apply another application to ensure there isn’t a draft around your windows or an area where water can begin to leak from in your bathroom. This will help with issues of energy cost as well as with issues of water damage around your home.

Benefits of Using Silicone Rubber

Silicone may not always be the first material thought of when crafting certain products, but it certainly belongs in the conversation. Why? There are many advantages of using silicone to craft products, and it is a good idea to choose silicone over other materials when quality and durability are important. Following are several reasons that silicone rubber should be used to craft products of all types.

One reason that silicone is a good material to make products from is because it is extremely resistant to heat and cool. It can withstand temperatures of -118ºC to 316ºC. It is also highly resistant to weathering, oxidation, and water. If it will be in contact with chemicals that is not a very big issue as silicone rubber has a superior resistance to many different chemicals. Silicone is a material that is well suited to use for food and medical applications because it is odourless and tasteless.

Silicone can be used for medical tubing and a variety of other medical materials. In fact, silicone is a material that is commonly used for medical products because of its strength and sterility. It is also affordable.

Consider using silicone rubber to craft products when quality and durability matters.

Silicone Making a Comeback in Medical Procedures

Once banned in certain parts of the medical industry, silicone has once again found its way back to the forefront of cutting edge technology. With certain cosmetic procedures, silicone is now being used as an effective, affordable solution for women since the FDA has decided to lifts its ban against the use of silicone in products.

According to statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in a group consisting of more than 2,500 plastic surgeons, silicone based implants were used over 70 per cent of the time in 2012 during breast augmentation procedures. In 2006, following a ban on the use of silicone based products for the surgery the numbers were a lot lower. Only 19 per cent of silicone based products were used.

Following potential risks with the silicone products rupturing, a ban was placed on silicone use for cosmetic procedures in 1992. There was also links to potential health issues through the use of silicone based products. However they were never confirmed by the FDA and now the FDA lists silicone based products for cosmetic procedures being both safe and effective.

In recent years the advancement in silicone technology has allowed the medical industry to once again build trust using silicone based products. Both manufacturers and consumers believe in these products and use them for many practical uses throughout their lives. Certainly silicone has made an everlasting impact on our lives, our health, and our future.


How to Clean Your Silicone Mobile Phone Case

Once you have invested in a silicone case for your mobile phone, you will want to use proper care to ensure that your case continues to look and function as it should. With so many different colours to choose from when selecting a silicone case for your mobile device, some colours may begin to show some signs of wear sooner than others. Depending upon how quickly your silicone case begins to show signs of wear you can simply clean it to have it looking like new again. Let’s take a look at some steps to help protect your new silicone case and clean it in the event that it becomes dirty or discoloured.

A silicone case for your mobile device will be simple to clean. Prior to cleaning it you will want to remove it from your device and use a non-toxic solution to clean it. You can clean it as frequently as needed using only a simple solution of soap and warm water. In the event that it requires a deeper cleaning you can use toothpaste or another non-abrasive cleaning product to wipe away dirt or debris that has built up over time. After cleaning the silicone case you can let it air dry by setting it out in sunlight for a few hours or you can use a soft cloth to wipe it dry and allow it to store in a cool place prior to inserting it over your mobile device again.