EziSil Flexible Waterproof Sealing Strip

The EziSil is a new and innovative sealing strip designed for indoor plumbing applications that gives the user confidence of a non-leaking lasting seal. The EziSil creates a watertight seal between the shower tray, bath or worktop by transforming in to a tiling up-stand option. The EziSil is simply stuck to the tray, bath or worktop and then the tiles are placed on top of the strip creating a lasting seal that is hidden from view.

The EziSil is a product for plumbing professionals or bathroom fitters and even DIY enthusiasts of any level as it’s easy to install and comes complete as a kit ready to install straight from the box. The flexibility of the EziSil makes it ideal for almost any project including new builds, repair or renovation work. Manufactured from a strong waterproof WRAS approved silicone rubber strip and a extra strong adhesive strip, you can be sure of it’s lasting quality.

The strip comes in two standard lengths, 2.8mtrs & 3.5mtrs, but custom orders are welcome for any length. By purchasing direct from us the manufacturer you are assured of the quality and reliability of the EziSil seal. Contact United Silicones