How To Use EziSil On Your Shower

Learn how to effectively use EziSeal sealing strips for indoor plumbing applications in this step-by-step guide.

What Is EziSil?

Silicone tubing is a flexible and hollow tube composed of solid silicone elastomer, making it an essential material for the medical, industrial and automotive industries. It is a versatile tool that has both smooth, easy-to-clean properties and refused to become brittle and stiff with the continued use of cleaning chemicals. Because of its flexible nature, silicone tubing can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses to fit the need of the industry. It is used for catheters and surgical drains in hospitals, and employed for fluid transfers in the food and drink industries.

Steps In Applying EziSil To Your Shower

Silicone rubber tubing may be popular in multiple industries due to its flexible, durable and heat-resistant design – however, like all industrial equipment, silicone tubing can become dirty after continuous use, and is essential to keep it clean for it to be utilised safely and hygienically. A build-up of bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants in silicone tubes poses a very serious health risk, especially in medical and food manufacturing industries, which is why industry leaders should learn these steps on how to clean silicone tubes for continued use.

Step 1 - Thoroughly Clean The Shower Surface

Before using EziSil strips in your shower, you must clean the surface first. Remove all items including bottles and soaps. Apply the cleaning solution and scrub the surface thoroughly, especially in areas where there is a significant build-up so that the EziSil strip can be as effective as possible. Dry the surface with a towel or hair dryer before applying the EziSil strip. Any moisture on the surface could prevent the strips from adhering properly.

Step 2 - Measure The EziSil Strips

Determine where in the shower you want to place your EziSil strips. You may want to place them in areas that are most slippery or where you stand when washing yourself. Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the area you want to apply the strips, allowing space for any curves or corners. Cut the EziSil strips to the appropriate length and lay them on the surface of the tub or shower before applying them.

Step 3 - Apply The EziSil Strips

Correctly applying the EziSil strip is crucial to ensure a non-slip surface in your shower. Once you have aligned them to the surface, unpeel the backing of the EziSil strip and carefully place it on the tub or shower and press down firmly to ensure it adheres properly. Apply pressure evenly to the entire strip. Allow the strips to set for 24 hours, which will allow the adhesive to bond properly to the tub and shower and provide a secure non-slip surface.

Step 4 - Test The EziSil Adhesive

Finally, it is time to see if the EziSil strips have adhered correctly and provide appropriate traction. Simply step into the shower or bathtub and apply pressure to the strip. It is best to try this with wet feet to simulate the traction while using a shower. If the EziSil strips are not providing the appropriate amount of traction, repeat the steps above and apply the strips to where you are most likely to slip.

Maintaining EziSeal Strips

Over time, EziSil strips in the shower will become worn and dirty, which can affect their traction and make the surface slippery, which can be a safety risk. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the appliance and instead use water to remove any buildup of dirt and soap remnants that could be affecting the strips. Afterwards, make sure the EziSil strip is completely dry and check for wear and tears in the adhesive. If any of them have tears or rips, replace them with new EziSil strips.

Remember that although EziSil strips last for a while, they will eventually need to be replaced after frequent use. If you notice that they have become less effective in preventing you from slipping, it is time to get them replaced. Regular maintenance of EziSil strips can assist you in identifying any issues early on, and keep your shower in peak condition.

EziSil Strips From United Silicones

EziSil strips from United Silicones come in two standard lengths, 2.8mtrs, and 3.5mtrs, but we also accommodate bespoke strips of any length. By purchasing directly from us the manufacturer you are assured of the quality and reliability of the EziSil seal.

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