Silicone Making a Comeback in Medical Procedures

Once banned in certain parts of the medical industry, silicone has once again found its way back to the forefront of cutting edge technology. With certain cosmetic procedures, silicone is now being used as an effective, affordable solution for women since the FDA has decided to lifts its ban against the use of silicone in products.

According to statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in a group consisting of more than 2,500 plastic surgeons, silicone based implants were used over 70 per cent of the time in 2012 during breast augmentation procedures. In 2006, following a ban on the use of silicone based products for the surgery the numbers were a lot lower. Only 19 per cent of silicone based products were used.

Following potential risks with the silicone products rupturing, a ban was placed on silicone use for cosmetic procedures in 1992. There was also links to potential health issues through the use of silicone based products. However they were never confirmed by the FDA and now the FDA lists silicone based products for cosmetic procedures being both safe and effective.

In recent years the advancement in silicone technology has allowed the medical industry to once again build trust using silicone based products. Both manufacturers and consumers believe in these products and use them for many practical uses throughout their lives. Certainly silicone has made an everlasting impact on our lives, our health, and our future.