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Our cutting and fabrication department has a complete range of machinery capable of servicing any of your needs for silicone rubber gaskets cut from solid and sponge materials or fabricating silicone seals made to your exact specification. We can produce any cut length of silicone tubing, profile or any quantity of silicone rubber products and silicone sleeves. Excellent tolerances are ensured regardless of small or high volume orders.

Joined seals from our range of silicone rubber extrusions and cords are also available, these can be formed to make static, inflatable or silicone o rings. We use various joining methods depending on the application and also incorporate valves for inflatable seals.

Our selection includes silicone rubber seals and silicone rubber washers that are ready for quick shipping. We can also advise you on which grade of silicone rubber would be best for your application needs and we can colour match to complement your existing design.

All of our silicone rubber seals are made to your exact requirements each and every time, ensuring a quality product from start to finish.

We also have extensive experience in manufacturing seals for mass transit applications, such as train doors. These are commonly manufactured in either silicone rubber, epdm rubber or neoprene rubber, all of which we can supply. Many of these seals are fitted on to existing fleets and due to the age of the vehicle the rubber seal has to be reversed engineered, again we have done this many times with success across fleets in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

We also manufacture