Silicone Rubber Cord

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We know that silicone rubber products are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and across the globe, especially the ever-popular silicone rubber cord, this can be easily joined to form silicone o rings. These are popular because of the broad range of uses in a diverse number of industries and can be supplied in silicone sponge also as a cost effective alternative to the solid silicone cord.

Here at United Silicones, we can supply solid and sponge silicone cords, as well as EPDM rubber and Neoprene rubber cords. Our fabrication department is well equipped to join cords into O rings and rubber seals of any size or quantity you require. We also offer a broad range of other silicone cord products that we can fabricate to your exact specifications like our silicone sponge cord and silicone rubber sponge products.

We also manufacture