Silicone Rubber Sheeting

One of our top-selling products includes solid silicone sheeting as it continues to be an expanding market here in the UK and worldwide. Our solid silicone rubber sheet product range is available in four standard colours – white, translucent, red oxide, and black, and is available in sizes ranging up to 12mm thick.

Why Choose United Silicones?

You can be sure that the team working for you can consistently perform and deliver because our management team has over 70 years of combined expertise in the silicone rubber sector, and our sales and manufacturing team has an additional 50+ years.

Our philosophy has always been to concentrate on achieving three main goals:

Quality customer-focused relationships

To ensure ongoing client satisfaction and loyalty, we place a high priority on developing customer-focused relationships.

100% quality product supply & complete batch tractability

Our supply chain is fully transparent, ensuring full batch traceability and only sourcing the best quality products.

Maintaining competitive pricing vs. competitors

To ensure our customers receive the best value for their money, we strive to provide competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Our silicone rubber sheeting comes in a standard width of 1.2m wide and is available off the roll. IF required we can produce and supply silicone rubber sheeting at smaller widths, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can also supply high temperature grade silicone sheeting as well as neoprene sheeting and silicone sponge sheeting.

  • Strength – Our silicone sheeting is designed to handle the daily challenges of even the toughest applications.

  • Temperature Resistant – We can supply high temperature grade silicone sheeting with excellent thermal resistance and capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures. 

  • Life Cycle – It does not become brittle and stiff with continued use of many common cleaning chemicals.

  • Flexibility – Our silicone rubber sheets are offer exceptional flexibility, ideal for applications that require movement or bending.

  • Fast Delivery – We will deliver your silicone sheeting directly to your designated address with a fast delivery service.

We manufacture and supply silicone rubber sheeting to a range of industries for a wide variety of applications and uses, some of which include:

  • Gaskets for the construction and automotive industries

  • Electrical insulation within construction and electrics industries

  • Conveyor belts throughout a range of industries

  • Weatherstripping in both residential and commercial construction 

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We are UK manufacturer of Silicone Rubber and Silicone Sponge products. Based in Farnborough with easy access to the rest of the country via the M3, M4 and Farnborough Airport.

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