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Here at United Silicones, we have been providing the highest quality silicone sponge extrusion products to the UK for decades. With over 70 years of industry experience with silicone and a hugely experienced team, you can be sure to receive the highest quality products and services from us.


Silicone Sponge Manufacturer UK


Silicone sponge is a softer alternative to silicone rubber. It is a closed-cell elastomeric material that expands once it is heat cured. This expansion helps to create a closed-cell sponge structure which means it is very effective at keeping water, dust and moisture out. 


We understand that our customers sometimes need a softer alternative to silicone rubber, that is where our phenomenally high-quality silicone sponge comes into its own. Silicone sponge has a huge amount of benefits across a huge number of industries and applications. 


Here at United Silicones, we have a huge range of silicone sponge products such as profiles, seals, cords, sheeting and gaskets. You can be sure that we will meet all of your silicone sponge requirements through our brilliant manufacturing processes.


Why Choose Silicone Sponge Extrusions?


For applications that require slightly softer materials than the traditional silicone rubber, silicone sponge is tremendous. It gives you all of the amazing properties of silicone rubber, with the adaptable performance of a softer sponge material. Its other benefits include:

  • Amazing sealant capabilities 
  • Ozone & UV resistance 
  • Shock absorption 
  • Tremendous design flexibility
  • Compression & recovery attributes 
  • Can be low, medium or high density 
  • Can be used for very intricate parts


Why Choose United Silicones?


We strongly believe in building a customer-focused relationship 

You can expect 100% quality supply and full batch tractability for every order 

We offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our high-quality silicone products 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does silicone sponge absorb water?

No. Silicone sponge has very low water absorption. This is why you will see it commonly used for applications such as gaskets and sealants. 

Is silicone an open or closed cell?

Silicone is a closed cell, meaning that water, dust and moisture cannot enter the cell structure as there is no connectivity to help them travel. 

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