Stericone Antibacterial Silicone Rubber

Stericone is a brand new antibacterial grade of silicone rubber that has impressively long-lasting protection from harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA. It is a product that we at United Silicones have been extremely excited to launch. We have been working with silicone for over 70 years so you can rest assured that all our silicone products are of the highest quality.

Why Choose United Silicones?

Our management team has over 70 years of silicone rubber industry experience between them and a sales and production team with a further 50+ years of experience, so you can be sure of having a team working for you that can consistently perform and deliver.

Our philosophy has always been to focus on providing three core objectives;

Building a customer focused relationship

All of us here at United Silicones wholly believe in the importance of building a strong, customer-focused relationship.

100% quality product supply & full batch tractability

When working with United Silicones, you can always expect 100% quality supply and full batch tractability for each and every order.

Keeping our prices competitive with the industry

We provide extremely competitive pricing on all of our amazingly high-quality silicone products.

Our range of silicone rubber tubing products are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5mm ID up to 100mm+, which ensures you, our customer, that no matter what the demands happen to be, we have a silicone rubber tubing product that will fulfil your needs.

All of our silicone rubber here at United Silicones is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or by the UK and/or German Water Councils. We also have available antibacterial silicone and medical tubing as stock materials. So you can be assured that all of our silicone rubber tubing can be used in the food and beverage industry as well as other hygiene-critical areas here in the UK.

  • Strength – Our Stericone antibacterial silicone rubber is manufactured to withstand the daily rigours of the most demanding applications.

  • Hygiene – Stericone is a brand new antibacterial grade of silicone rubber that has impressively long-lasting protection from harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA.

  • Life Cycle – It does not become brittle and stiff with continued use of many common cleaning chemicals.

  • Flexibility – Our Stericone antibacterial silicone rubber is flexible and easy to install. The clarity is of great advantage, allowing easier monitoring of fluids and flow capacity. It is also lighter than many commercial standard rubber tubing.

  • Fast Delivery – We will deliver your Stericone antibacterial silicone rubber directly to your designated address with a fast delivery service.

Much like all other silicone grades, Stericone can be used across a huge number of industries and applications. However, two main industries benefit from this phenomenal silicone grade. 

  • Medical Industry – Stericone silicone grade is perfect for a huge amount of medical applications. Its impressive anti-bacterial properties are vital to the medical industry, especially because silicone rubber is widely used across this industry. 

  • Food & Beverage Industry – Stericone is an FDA-approved grade of silicone and is therefore safe for direct contact with food. Stericone’s anti-bacterial qualities make it the perfect material for packing, packaging and other application within the food and beverage industries.

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