Stericone Antibacterial Silicone Rubber

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Stericone is a brand new antibacterial grade of silicone rubber that has impressively long-lasting protection from harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA. It is a product that we at United Silicones have been extremely excited to launch. We have been working with silicone for over 70 years so you can rest assured that all our silicone products are of the highest quality.


We can provide Stericone Grade Silicone in both standard peroxide silicone rubber and platinum silicone rubber.


Industries That Use Stericone


Much like all other silicone grades, Stericone can be used across a huge number of industries and applications. However, two main industries benefit from this phenomenal silicone grade. 


Medical Industry – Stericone silicone grade is perfect for a huge amount of medical applications. Its impressive anti-bacterial properties are vital to the medical industry, especially because silicone rubber is widely used across this industry. 


Food & Beverage Industry – Stericone is an FDA-approved grade of silicone and is therefore safe for direct contact with food. Stericone’s anti-bacterial qualities make it the perfect material for packing, packaging and other application within the food and beverage industries.


Stericone Manufacturer In The UK


Here at United Silicones, we have been manufacturing the highest-quality silicone products for over seven decades. We launched the brand new Stericone grade with hygiene of the utmost importance in today’s markets. 


All our phenomenal silicone products are manufactured in-house, in the UK and to the highest possible standards. Our brilliant manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art machinery and highly experienced team are sure to leave you, our customer, 100% satisfied.


Why Choose United Silicones?


All of us here at United Silicones wholly believe in the importance of building a strong, customer-focused relationship. 

When working with United Silicones, you can always expect 100% quality supply and full batch tractability for each and every order. 

We provide extremely competitive pricing on all of our amazingly high-quality silicone products. 

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