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Stericone Antibacterial Silicone Rubber

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Stericone is a new product launched by United Silicones, it is an antibacterial grade of silicone rubber that provides long lasting protection from E .Coli and MRSA, it also has full accreditation. We can provide this grade in both standard peroxide silicone rubber or platinum silicone rubber.

Medical environments

This grade of silicone rubber is ideal for applications in medical environments as the choice material is always silicone rubber but by choosing Stericone you get the added security of being an antibacterial silicone rubber.

FDA Approved – Food and Beverage Industries

Because the material has FDA approval it has been used in various applications within the food and beverage industry, as the material of choice for this industry is silicone rubber.

High people volume protection

It is also used in areas where you can get high volume of people coming in to contact with surfaces and used as a protection against bacteria transfer from one person to another, and when you add in all the other benefits of silicone rubber over other rubber types it’s easy to see the potential benefit to almost any industry.

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